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Picture of Tali Goldman
Tali Goldman
Founder & CEO Market for Good

Tali Goldman, Founder & CEO Market for Good, Tali Goldman, founder and CEO of Market for Good, is a wife and the mother of two beautiful children. She is passionate about making the world a better place and committed to make a difference in people’s lives. Market for Good is a unique platform designed for social and environmental organisations, providing them a free stage to offer their products, services, and experiences. Companies that would like to spend responsibly, offset the carbon emission of orders, and promote a social or environmental cause, can find in Market for Good gifts, experiences and services that meet their needs and are contributing to a good cause of their choice. The idea to have all social and environmental organisations under one platform came to promote these organisations’ visibility and financial sustainability, and to make their products and services accessible by creating a wider array of products, services, and experiences for customers to choose from. The platform empowers these organisations by digitalizing their processes, creating digital versions of their products and services , and automating their sales and operations. Market for Good provides buyers with a summary of all their purchases, detailing their contribution to social and environmental causes, and the carbon emissions created in each order. Every purchase in Market for Good comes with a certificate of contribution that details the social causes that were supported and the way the contribution was made. We are so delighted to bring this wonderful platform to you where you can meet your procurement needs, contribute towards a social cause, and monitor and report your contribution and the impact it makes. Welcome to a new business culture where every purchase has a purpose.