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Whiskey Gift Set (Whiskey Glass, Stones, Tongs and Box)

This is a wooden box whiskey gift set with 8 reusable and environment-friendly granite ice cubes, 2 glasses of cups and 1 stainless steel.

Fully Customized Angpao (Money Envelope)

This is an ang pao envelope, money envelope.

Gold Deepavali Money Envelope

This is a Gold Deepavali Money Envelope.

Sock toy


Desk Fan

Desk Fan with stand and clip

Desk Fan

Desk Fan with stand and clip

JTMUSES-Five Contactless / smart Induction Hand Sanitizers- 5 pcs-Taxi

Contactless / smart Induction Hand Sanitizer MOQ: 5 pieces For 50 pieces - The price will be $39.90 per piece Automatic Portable Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser [Auto / Infrared Sensor] Protect yourself and your loved ones with this smart contactless hand sanitiser • will hibernate when not in use and shut down in 24 hours • Easily remove the solution container at the bottom and refill with any liquid base sanitiser • Nano atomisation - clean and neat sanitization process • Potable with suspension handle included: Keep and store in your bag and bring it on the go Price: $59.90 for 5 pieces (collate a total order with your colleagues) Price: $39 for 50-100 pcs lead time: 2 weeks

Coco Veda Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A Daily Use Unisex Shampoo with a Rich Blend Of 100% Plant Based Oils to Support Scalps with persistent Dandruff issues

Coco Veda Baby Lotion

A non-sticky, mild lotion that helps keep the baby's skin moist, soft and nourished.

Coco Veda Baby Massage Oil

Relaxing & Promotes Happiness – A Head to Toe Massage Oil for Babies, Children & even Adults with sensitive skin

Coco Veda Normal and Dry Scalp Oil

Nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth

Coco Veda Anti-Flea and Tick Pet Shampoo

An Anti-Flea and Tick Pet Shampoo Formulated With Tender Loving Care for our Four-Legged Furry Friends

Coco Veda Cedarwood and Patchouli Hand Wash

A Plant-Based Waterless Everyday Use Hand Wash

Coco Veda Eucalyptus and Spearmint Hand Wash

A Plant-Based Waterless Everyday Use Hand Wash

Coco Veda Feminine V Wash

A mild feminine wash that has been user-tested and formulated to cleanse intimate areas.

Coco Veda Lavender and Vanilla Hand Wash

A Plant-Based Waterless Everyday Use Hand Wash

Coco Veda Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Hand Wash

A Plant-Based Waterless Everyday Use Hand Wash

Coco Veda Orange and Bergamot Hand Wash

A Plant-Based Waterless Everyday Use Hand Wash


Simple clapper for celebrations, especially for occasions like National Day, Chinese New Year, etc

Leather Multi-purpose Diaper Backpack

Leather Multi-purpose Diaper Backpack Water Resistant, Waterproof Multi- Purpose Baby Changing Bag

Christmas Gift Stockings

Celebrate your Christmas with your infants with these cute Christmas Gift Stockings.

Hand Crocheted Mini Dog Key Ring

Aunty Betty fell in love with craftwork and introduced crafting to her family. Together, they made these beautiful crochet plushies. Through crocheting, she feels empowered by her ability to create art for a meaningful cause.

Large Foldable Tote Bags With Pocket

We’ve got the best grocery store buddy for you! 🎁 Our tote bag is no ordinary grocery bag, it folds into a fashionable clutch so that you can carry it around in style! It even becomes a functional pocket when opened up. The bags are LARGE and great for grocery shopping.
From $7.21

Motivational Bookmark with Inspirational Ribbon

Say goodbye to dog ears with this motivational bookmark.

Hand Crocheted Mini dress keyring

Get your hands on these adorable hand-crocheted mini dress keyring for your bags now!

Hand Sanitiser

Made with food grade ethanol, plant based glycerine and pure essential oils. Moisturises your hands despite frequent usage of sanitisers . Enables responsible consumption by using only food grade and pure natural products. Experience the pleasant fragrance of pure essential oils even as you protect yourself from harmful germs.

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