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The Magic Forest

This artwork was created during one of Jayden’s Art Therapy sessions and is one of his favourite art pieces. He created a colourful background with the sun shining through, which gives the viewer an impression of positivity and hope.



Fire & Ice

The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular show of moving lights that’s at times as soft as the wind, at times as intense as a neon flash.




This acrylic painting reflects the ideas and thoughts as Lucas imagines a better world with regrowth. One side of the forest does not have any leaves representing death, while the other side has sprouting leaves symbolizing hope for a more positive future outcome. 



Tree Of Love

This is a picture the Tree of Love, which represents growth and love. It reminds us that we can truly thrive and bloom when there is love.



Colours of Memories

This artwork represents the different colours of our lives that can be combined together to create something beautiful. In life, there are always ups and downs, some are sweet and some are sour. These are the core flavours of life. These flavours come together through Leslie’s visualisation to produce this wonderful painting.




Jonas is one of the three children in his family and all of them are diagnosed with different special conditions. Jonas is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder while his brothers both have an immunodeficiency disorder which requires them to be on lifetime treatment. Jonas is a young aspiring artist who is incredibly talented at art making. He loves rainbows, Mario and pirates!


Archival Museum Canvas-Wall Art

Celebrate the talent of differently-abled artists. Own museum-quality reproductions on archival paper or framed canvas .

Show your support further with customizable award tiles or explore unique art-inspired products like drinkware and lacquerware. Every purchase empowers these artists!


Timeless Treasures-Stainless steel flask with attached screw top lid

These stylish flasks are wrapped in a durable vinyl material, making them perfect for taking your favorite drink anywhere. They're discreet and leakproof, so you can enjoy them on the go. Want to make them extra special? Customize them with your own logo or design for a unique gift for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion.

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White Square Lacquer Tray-Joys of Joo Chiat

Imagine this: I'm a beautiful shophouse in Joo Chiat, Singapore, built between 1889 and 1920. I'm decorated with colorful Plumeria flowers, a symbol of the rich Peranakan culture here. There's even artwork depicting me in my glory! In the picture, a woman in a traditional kebaya lights a firecracker, bringing back memories of lively cultural celebrations. Playful cats, dogs, and birds add to the scene, while a classic Austin 1949 London taxi reminds us of the neighborhood's bustling past.

Together, these details tell a story of blessings and cultural richness, keeping the vibrant heritage of Joo Chiat alive for all who see it.

By buying this product, you support the artists who helped create this piece of history.

From $68.00

Joys of Joo Chiat-Acrylic Trivet-set of 2

Looking for a unique and practical gift with a Singaporean twist? These acrylic trivets are perfect! They're durable, heat-resistant, and come in two beautiful designs that capture the country's heritage. Choose "Joys of Joo Chiat," featuring a shophouse adorned with colorful Peranakan flowers, a symbol of the area's rich culture.

The artwork tells a story of the neighborhood's past, with a woman in traditional clothes setting off firecrackers, playful animals, and a classic Austin taxi. Alternatively, "Timeless Treasures" showcases other shophouses, each a piece of Singapore's history.

These trivets will protect your surfaces while adding a touch of Singaporean flair to your kitchen or dining room, and they're a great way for visitors to take a piece of Singapore home.


Stainless steel travel / commuter tumbler- artist-illustrated JOO Chiat Shophouse

Bring your own eco-friendly travel mug to hold your hot or cold drink! It fits perfectly in your car cup holder. We offer a gift bag or box too.

This design features a beautiful Peranakan shophouse from Joo Chiat, decorated with colorful Plumeria flowers. It's a symbol of Singapore's rich Peranakan culture. The artwork tells a story of the neighborhood's past, with a woman in traditional clothes setting off firecrackers, playful animals, and a classic Austin taxi. By buying this product, you support both the artist and keep Singapore's heritage alive.

From $29.90

White Square Lacquer Tray- Traditional Breakfast in Singapore Kopitiams

This pretty white tray is like a mini Singaporean cafe! Put your breakfast on it just like locals do. They love soft-boiled eggs, toast with sweet coconut jam, and coffee or tea. Ordering coffee in Singapore is almost a game, with choices like iced coffee or less sweet versions.

There are 21 ways to get your coffee just right! Get this tray with our special coasters that teach you how to order coffee like a real Singaporean – breakfast champion!

From $68.00

Lacquer Trinket Box- Traditional Breakfast in SG Kopitiams

Singapore breakfast on-the-go! This lacquer trinket box, crafted in sleek white, holds your treasures and features a delightful scene enjoyed by locals at kopitiams - half-boiled eggs, kaya toast, and a cup of kopi. A unique, limited-edition gift.

Artists earn royalties with each purchase!

From $52.20

Wooden Jewelry Keepsake Box - Playgrounds of Singapore-Past & Present

Treasure memories in this stunning black lacquer box!

Made from high-quality MDF wood, this keepsake box features artwork by a talented, differently-abled artist.

Choose from a variety of designs.

Each purchase supports the artist and adds a touch of Singaporean charm to your home.

From $64.00

Ceramic Trinket Tray

Stand out when you gift this one-of-a-kind designed tray to your clients and VIPs. Artworks featured on the trays are specially commissioned and created by our beneficiary artists. No two orders will ever contain the same design of trays.

Carefully crafted from ceramic, the tray size and border can be customized as well.

Give a gift with purpose and bring a smile on the face of specially-abled artists.

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