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Bamboo Cutlery Set

Elevate your dining experience with our Bamboo Cutlery Set. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this eco-friendly set includes a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks neatly packed in a convenient cotton pouch. Perfect for on-the-go meals, picnics, and reducing single-use plastic. Embrace sustainability with every bite.


Ceramic Trinket Tray

Stand out when you gift this one-of-a-kind designed tray to your clients and VIPs. Artworks featured on the trays are specially commissioned and created by our beneficiary artists. No two orders will ever contain the same design of trays.

Carefully crafted from ceramic, the tray size and border can be customized as well.

Give a gift with purpose and bring a smile on the face of specially-abled artists.


Metal Straw and Cutlery Set with Felt Pouch

Elevate your sustainable living with our Metal Straw and Cutlery Set. Crafted with eco-friendly stainless steel, this set includes a reusable straw, knife, fork, chopsticks and spoon – all neatly packaged in a stylish felt pouch. Durable, portable, and perfect for reducing single-use plastic. Make a positive impact on the environment with every use.


2023 Box of 24

This box is made up of all 24 ornaments from the Holiday Collection, which are handcrafted by refugees and tell the stories about the history, traditions and journeys of the artisans.

Crafted by refugees from East Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Mali and Myanmar living in various locations around the world.

1 set of 2023 Box of 24 products CO2 emission is estimated to be 21.83 kg

From $260.00

3 in 1 Recycled Long Charging Cable With 2 Outputs (Kraft Box Packaging)

Introducing our 6-in-1 Recycled Charging Cable, a versatile solution for all your charging needs. This eco-friendly cable boasts multiple connectors, ensuring compatibility with various devices. With two outputs for simultaneous charging, it's a must-have for the tech-savvy individual. Packaged in a sustainable Kraft box, this cable not only minimizes electronic waste but also presents a stylish and eco-conscious choice. Stay connected and make a positive impact with our 6-in-1 Recycled Charging Cable – where functionality meets sustainability in a thoughtfully crafted package.

From $8.95

60W Fast Charging Cable w/ Bamboo

This fast-charging cable, designed with dual input and output capabilities, is perfect for those juggling multiple devices, eliminating outlet compatibility issues. Crafted from GRS certified recycled plastics (post-consumer material) and FSC certified bamboo, it offers an eco-friendly solution without compromising on performance.

Note: The Environmental Score for this product is under verification.



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