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Blob Pouches

Blob is turquoise 'a blob of paint', sometimes his friends are represented alongside him, but in other colors. Blob shares his mindfulness journey and tidbits to promote art and mental well-being practices on some of our merchandise and social media platforms. We have him on our pouches now, which acts as a gentle reminder to take care of our mental health! 

From $12.00

Mental Health Enamel Pins

Simple mental health reminders to keep us positive! 

From $45.00

The Magic Forest

This artwork was created during one of Jayden’s Art Therapy sessions and is one of his favourite art pieces. He created a colourful background with the sun shining through, which gives the viewer an impression of positivity and hope.



Fire & Ice

The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular show of moving lights that’s at times as soft as the wind, at times as intense as a neon flash.




This acrylic painting reflects the ideas and thoughts as Lucas imagines a better world with regrowth. One side of the forest does not have any leaves representing death, while the other side has sprouting leaves symbolizing hope for a more positive future outcome. 



Tree Of Love

This is a picture the Tree of Love, which represents growth and love. It reminds us that we can truly thrive and bloom when there is love.




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