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Investing in Our Planet Through Our Procurement Practices Celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful way! Read our latest blog article to learn how you can make a positive impact through your procurement practices this Earth Day
Seeing the World in New Ways World Braille Day is a commemoration and celebration of the system that allows the visually impaired to interact with their environment. Read our latest article to find how we at Market for Good, empower and uplift the visually impaired during our Sensory Art Workshop.
Taking Our Feet Off the Gas Since the discovery of the hole within the ozone layer in 1985, there has been a consistent effort within the international community to reverse the ill-effects of climate change. This article attempts to chart the course we have taken to arrive at this point, as we stare into the abyss of truly irreversible damage at the hands of climate change. It also highlights how each sector of society must do their part to combat climate change.
Demystifying Disability The United Nations has unequivocally stated that decent work, economic growth and reduced inequalities are necessary if we are to create a more sustainable society; Market for Good would therefore like to shine a spotlight on two individuals who have both made invaluable contributions to our mission of sustainability and empowerment through our latest article, in an effort to highlight the fact that advocating for a more inclusive society, is a crucial step in reducing inequalities within and among nations. Read on to find out how Jolene and Adrian fought through their disabilities, however different they may be, to prove that persons with disabilities are indispensable members of the community, and that they can shine as bright as their able-bodied peers given the right platform
Prosperity Through Sustainability These top 5 Lunar New Year Gifts will help you to leave more of a positive impact by spreading prosperity to as many people as possible, while also allowing you to embody the spirit of kindness that the rabbit is known for...
A Sustainable Christmas Carol Charles Dicken's classic tale a miserly businessman's metamorphosis into a zealous vessel of the Christmas spirit, may hold far more lessons than meets the eye...Read on to find out how you can follow our protagonist's example, by transforming the ways in which you celebrate the season of giving to leave an impact, and strive toward a more sustainable future.
For A Better Digital World In a world where social media is rampant and is also a way of life, have you ever wondered how it is related to climate change? It might seem far-fetched but the internet accounts for 10% of the total global electricity consumption. This figure is expected to increase by another 10% in a decade.
World Refugee Day - Whoever, Wherever & Whenever With the on-going Ukraine-Russian conflict, there has been more scrutiny and light shed on the repercussions of the people caught in the war-torn areas. World Refugee Day is a United Nations observance that is held on 20th June every year and it is a day where we should take a moment to realise the significance of the mass exodus as a result of the conflict. With millions of people forced out of their dwellings, countries and communities are taking in these people for shelter. It is simply too hard for us to understand what it feels to be part of a situation like this. This year’s theme is “Everyone has a right to seek safety” and whoever, wherever and whenever they are and come from, they have a right to seek safety.
A Day in the Bee Farm Before we get to the nitty-gritties of a day in the bee farm, you need to know more about bees and why they are so important to us & the environment. This way, you can have more appreciation when I take you through a day in a bee farm! Bees help pollinate & grow about 90% of the world’s wildflower plants and 35% of the world’s crops which amounts to ecosystems all over the world. There are various programs in place all over the world to help this cause put in place by the United Nations in efforts to protect the bees. These black & yellow critters are also under a barrage of threats as the result of human activity. Some examples are introduction of invasive insects, pesticide, change of land-use etc.
Invest in Our Planet Earth Day is celebrated annually to create awareness about pollution and to come together as one to look at another year of environmental progress. It is a day to think back and reflect how you have affected or impacted the planet. People think of ways to give back to the environment with new ideas to reduce their carbon footprints and water management, to name a few. They also get their hands dirty, with activities like tree planting with the Earth’s benefit at heart. It is important that people take a bit of time off on this day to think about how the environment has been affected by mankind and how they can do their part to minimize these impacts.