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Classic Wine Fathers' Day Hamper

What's better than a bottle of wine? How about a whole hamper full of delicious wines to celebrate Father's Day? This gift set comes with both red and white wines, so Dad can choose his favourite. The perfect way to say "thanks for being the best dad ever!"


Dad's Favourite Snacks

Dad's Favourite Snacks Hamper is the perfect Father's Day gift! It comes with a bottle of red wine, truffle chips, and a range of other snacks that Dad is sure to love. This hamper is ideal for any occasion, and it makes a great gift for any dad.


Dad's Grooming Essential Gift Set

Show your dad how much you care with our Dad's Grooming Essential Gift Set. Father's Day is an important occasion to celebrate and appreciate the special fathers in our lives who have always been there for us. Our gift set is a thoughtful and practical way to express your love and gratitude to your dad. It is designed to provide him with all the essentials he needs to take care of himself and look his best.


Father's Day Delight Gift Set

Celebrate your dad and show your appreciation for all the sacrifices he's made with our Father's Day Delight Hamper Set. This special occasion is a time to honor fathers, grandfathers, and father figures who have played important roles in our lives. Our hamper set is the perfect way to express your gratitude and love for the important father figure in your life.


Handsome Dad Gift Set

Let your dad know how much he means to you with our Dad's Favorite Things Hamper Collection. Father's Day is an opportunity to show our fathers just how much we appreciate them and all the joy they bring to our lives. 


Papa's Perks Gift Set

Fathers play an irreplaceable role in our lives, providing guidance, support, and unconditional love. They are the ones who have taught us valuable life lessons and have always been there for us through thick and thin. Father's Day is an opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude for all the sacrifices they have made and the love they have given us. With our Papa's Perks Gift Set, you can give your dad a token of your appreciation and let him know how much he means to you.


Premium Father's Day Gift Basket

Fathers are the backbone of the family and play a crucial role in our lives. They are the ones who provide for us, protect us, and guide us as we grow up. Father's Day is a time to honor and appreciate the special fathers in our lives who have always been there for us. It's a day to celebrate their love, strength, and dedication. Our Premium Father Day's Gift Basket is the perfect way to express your gratitude to your dad and let him know how much he means to you. It's a thoughtful and heartfelt way to say "Thank you" and show him how much you care.


The Ultimate Father's Day Surprise Gift Basket

Make Father's Day unforgettable with our Ultimate Father's Day Surprise Gift Basket. This is a special day to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable contributions that fathers make in our lives, and our hamper set is a meaningful way to show your appreciation. Our surprise hamper set is filled with exciting goodies that will make your dad feel appreciated and loved.


Lacquer Trinket Box- Traditional Breakfast in SG Kopitiams

Singapore breakfast on-the-go! This lacquer trinket box, crafted in sleek white, holds your treasures and features a delightful scene enjoyed by locals at kopitiams - half-boiled eggs, kaya toast, and a cup of kopi. A unique, limited-edition gift.

Artists earn royalties with each purchase!

From $52.20

Timeless Treasures-Stainless steel flask with attached screw top lid

These stylish flasks are wrapped in a durable vinyl material, making them perfect for taking your favorite drink anywhere. They're discreet and leakproof, so you can enjoy them on the go. Want to make them extra special? Customize them with your own logo or design for a unique gift for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion.

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White Square Lacquer Tray- Traditional Breakfast in Singapore Kopitiams

This pretty white tray is like a mini Singaporean cafe! Put your breakfast on it just like locals do. They love soft-boiled eggs, toast with sweet coconut jam, and coffee or tea. Ordering coffee in Singapore is almost a game, with choices like iced coffee or less sweet versions.

There are 21 ways to get your coffee just right! Get this tray with our special coasters that teach you how to order coffee like a real Singaporean – breakfast champion!

From $68.00

White Square Lacquer Tray-Joys of Joo Chiat

Imagine this: I'm a beautiful shophouse in Joo Chiat, Singapore, built between 1889 and 1920. I'm decorated with colorful Plumeria flowers, a symbol of the rich Peranakan culture here. There's even artwork depicting me in my glory! In the picture, a woman in a traditional kebaya lights a firecracker, bringing back memories of lively cultural celebrations. Playful cats, dogs, and birds add to the scene, while a classic Austin 1949 London taxi reminds us of the neighborhood's bustling past.

Together, these details tell a story of blessings and cultural richness, keeping the vibrant heritage of Joo Chiat alive for all who see it.

By buying this product, you support the artists who helped create this piece of history.

From $68.00

Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop in style! Our vegan leather sleeve is ethically made and keeps your device safe. Personalize it and choose eco-friendly packaging!


Archival Museum Canvas-Wall Art

Celebrate the talent of differently-abled artists. Own museum-quality reproductions on archival paper or framed canvas .

Show your support further with customizable award tiles or explore unique art-inspired products like drinkware and lacquerware. Every purchase empowers these artists!


Timeless Treasures-4 wooden Coasters in a Box

Looking for a unique gift that will spark conversation? These Singaporean coasters are perfect! Each set of 4 features colourful artwork that captures the country's rich heritage.

Designs include the beautiful Peranakan shophouses of Joo Chiat, the iconic "Tingkat" tiffin carriers, and refreshing "Ice Kacang" shaved ice desserts. The coasters are made of wood with a cork backing for stability.

From $39.90

Wooden Jewelry Keepsake Box - Playgrounds of Singapore-Past & Present

Treasure memories in this stunning black lacquer box!

Made from high-quality MDF wood, this keepsake box features artwork by a talented, differently-abled artist.

Choose from a variety of designs.

Each purchase supports the artist and adds a touch of Singaporean charm to your home.

From $64.00

Joys of Joo Chiat-Acrylic Trivet-set of 2

Looking for a unique and practical gift with a Singaporean twist? These acrylic trivets are perfect! They're durable, heat-resistant, and come in two beautiful designs that capture the country's heritage. Choose "Joys of Joo Chiat," featuring a shophouse adorned with colorful Peranakan flowers, a symbol of the area's rich culture.

The artwork tells a story of the neighborhood's past, with a woman in traditional clothes setting off firecrackers, playful animals, and a classic Austin taxi. Alternatively, "Timeless Treasures" showcases other shophouses, each a piece of Singapore's history.

These trivets will protect your surfaces while adding a touch of Singaporean flair to your kitchen or dining room, and they're a great way for visitors to take a piece of Singapore home.


Ceramic Trinket Tray

Stand out when you gift this one-of-a-kind designed tray to your clients and VIPs. Artworks featured on the trays are specially commissioned and created by our beneficiary artists. No two orders will ever contain the same design of trays.

Carefully crafted from ceramic, the tray size and border can be customized as well.

Give a gift with purpose and bring a smile on the face of specially-abled artists.


Microfiber Vegan Leather ID Cardholder

The perfect blend of sustainability and elegance. Our microfiber vegan leather ID cardholder is stylish, functional, and kind to the planet. Crafted from premium microfiber for a luxurious feel, it offers the durability of traditional leather without the environmental impact.

Note : Lanyard not included with the cardholder


Lemak Spice Odyssey

Embark on a culinary adventure with this tantalizing bento box. This bento meal consists of following:

• Steamed Thai Fragrant Rice
• Stir Fried French Bean
• Ayam Lemak Chilli Padi
• Curry Samosa

Note : Full set of disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided. Image is for illustration purpose only.


Veggie Delight

Embark on a culinary adventure with this tantalizing bento box. This bento meal consists of following:

• Mushroom Garlic Rice
• Stir Fried Asparagus and Mushroom
• Stir Fried Cabbage w/ Shimeiji and Carrot
• Sweet and Sour Mock Fish w/ Pineapple and Trio Pepper
• Drink Packet

Note : Full set of disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided. Image is for illustration purpose only.


Italian Grilled Set

Embark on a culinary adventure with this tantalizing bento box. This bento meal consists of following:

• Linguine Aglio-Olio w/ Smoked Chicken Ham
• Grilled Chicken w/ Brown Sauce
• Steamed Broccoli and Carrot in Oyster Sauce
• Deep Fried Prawn Tempura
• Canned Iced Lemon Tea

Note : Full set of disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided. Image is for illustration purpose only.

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