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This acrylic painting reflects the ideas and thoughts as Lucas imagines a better world with regrowth. One side of the forest does not have any leaves representing death, while the other side has sprouting leaves symbolizing hope for a more positive future outcome. 





Unit Cost $150.00
Lead time 1-2 days
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Art For Good is a registered social enterprise which creates good through art, with an emphasis on mental health. Art for Good works with communities to provide art therapy, art services and art products which help improve mental health and well-being of beneficiaries; children in poverty, special needs, rare disorders & emotional / behavioural problems.

Material:Acrylic Painting (framed)
Size:42 x 32cm
Customization:Our artists are also available for commissioned paintings.
Other comments:

Our paintings are created by artists with disabilities, each purchase goes towards supporting their work. 

Lucas often talks about endangered animals,deforestation, and climate change. Lucas is one of the three children in his family and all of them are diagnosed with different special conditions.

Lucas has an immunodeficiency disorder which requires him to be on lifetime treatment. Every four weeks, he needs to go to the hospital for an eight-hour intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in order to prevent infections such as flu.

Lucas also has ADHD & dyslexia, struggles with his academics in school. Lucas loves art and is incredibly talented. His mother hopes that he will be able to pursue a career in arts when he is older. He also loves animals and Sonic the Hedgehog!

This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
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Decent Work & Economic Growth:
This vendor provides full and productive employment for persons with physical disabilities, mental and intellectual disadvantaged people
Reduced Inequalities:
This vendor supports social, economic, and political inclusion
Climate Action:
This vendor provides education, awareness-raising, and capacity-building on climate change

Contribution to local community development:
Produced by a micro/small business contributing to local development.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item is reinvested to support a stated social mission.
Created through the active involvement, engagement, and empowerment of local communities
Contribution to gender equity:
Produced by a woman-owned business.

Contribution to inclusion:

Enhancing the livelihood and well-being of individuals with physical disabilities on a community scale.

Enhancing the livelihood and well-being of individuals with mental and intellectual disabilities on a community scale.

Contribution to Diversity

Empowering migrants and individuals from diverse ethnic minorities on a community scale

Produced by an organization with an anti-age-discrimination culture

Environmental Impact at the Operational Level

This vendor mitigates water stress by avoiding water use in its operation.

This vendor advances Net Zero future by avoiding energy use in its operation.

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by elemenating the use of chemeicals.

Environmental Impact at the Product Level

Designed from non-hazardous materials to prevent biodiversity loss

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