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White Square Lacquer Tray- Traditional Breakfast in Singapore Kopitiams

SKU: JT_tray_BF-SG

This pretty white tray is like a mini Singaporean cafe! Put your breakfast on it just like locals do. They love soft-boiled eggs, toast with sweet coconut jam, and coffee or tea. Ordering coffee in Singapore is almost a game, with choices like iced coffee or less sweet versions.

There are 21 ways to get your coffee just right! Get this tray with our special coasters that teach you how to order coffee like a real Singaporean – breakfast champion!




Unit Cost $98.00
Lead time 1-2 days
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MFG Partner 1000-Elevating young artists with intellectual disabilities

Joyce is a self-taught artist and the mentor of other students with differently-abled needs. She created The Muse Project, to empower differently-abled artists. Together, they explore Singapore’s rich heritage and culture, and capture the stories that evoke nostalgia and pride. Their art also features winged creatures, especially birds, to inspire us to sing our unique song, live gratefully, and bring you joy!

Material:Lacquer serving tray is made from MDF wood and enjoys 14 coats of lacquer. Made in Vietnam

Tray: Square serving tray that measures 25 cm /10″and 2.5 cm/1” in height

Jute Bag: 33 x 24.5 x 4 cm - optional gift packaging


2 sizes available in 450g, 550 g

Packaging in kraft boxJute Bag is additional at $5.00
This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
SDG image
SDG image

Environmental Impact at the Operational Level

This vendor helps conserve limited natural resources by using recovered materials.

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by elemenating the use of chemeicals.

Environmental Impact at the Product Level

Designed from non-hazardous materials to prevent biodiversity loss.

Packaged using recycled or recyclable materials to conserve natural resources and prevent biodiversity loss.

Designed for traceability, reusability, and durability to promote a Net Zero future, conserve natural resources, and prevent biodiversity loss.

Reduced Inequalities:
This vendor supports social, economic, and political inclusion
Decent Work & Economic Growth:
This vendor provides full and productive employment for persons with physical disabilities, mental and intellectual disadvantaged people

Contribution to local community development:
Produced by a micro/small business that contributes to local development
Created through the active involvement, engagement, and empowerment of local communities
Crafted using unique methods to preserve cultural heritage and strengthen communities' identity, pride, and sense of belonging
Contribution to gender equity:
Produced by a woman-owned business
Produced by a gender-balanced organization
Produced by an organization with gender-balanced representation in top leadership positions
Contribution to inclusion:
Enhancing the livelihood and well-being of individuals with physical disabilities
Enhancing the livelihood and well-being of individuals with mental and intellectual disabilities
Contribution to diversity:
Empowering migrants and individuals from diverse ethnic minorities to enhance their livelihood and foster inclusion
Produced by an organization with an anti-age-discrimination culture

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