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Vegan Leather Pouch

Thick vegan leather pouch to hold your essentials - keys, card, etc.
Buying this product is supporting the cause of Reduced Inequalities, Responsible Consumption & Production, and Gender Equality by:
  • Buying items or services made by supported beneficiaries
  • Providing work opportunity and income
  • Utilizing reused, recycled or recyclable materials
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Material: Vegan Leather

Material: Vegan Leather

Mori creates functional and inspirational products for your everyday adventure. mori is a variant name of Moriel that means, “God is my teacher.”

Mori provides mothers work from home opportunities, even though they are from disadvantaged backgrounds.
This way, they can spend more time with their family, and take care of their children and watch them grow. 

Started with four mothers from Bgy. Apolonio Samson in early 2012, and works with about 20 mothers currently. The mothers that mori works with have minimal skills in sewing. They used to sew only rags that didn't require straight stitching.

Mori trains them until they are able to sew the products in good quality. We pay them per piece rate, at a rate higher than other manufacturing companies by 50%. We check the amount of time it takes to make the product and divide it according to the local living minimum wage.

Before, they kept on borrowing through 5/6 (loan program that charges high interest rate 20%, highly accessible but resorts to shady practices) which further plunge them in debt. Now, they are able to eat better food, and cover living expenses including college education of their children.

Ate Remy, who started with Mitzi in the earlier years now not only crafts, but is involved in training other moms and also research and development of new products. Her daughter Roselle has also chosen to work with mori in operations and sales upon graduation.

Our 3-fold Mission is to :

  • Uplift poverty through sustainable employment of mothers who need to take care of their children at home at the same time
  • Champion purpose-driven life and thriving in adversity; encouraging self-reflection and expression of thoughts
  • Provide a platform to empower women across all walks of life - urban poor mothers, artists, crafters, sales advocates and even customers to create value together
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