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Paper Lace Tape Sticker

Paper Lace Tape Sticker made from paper

PVC Lace Tape

PVC Lace Tape made from PVC

PP Colored Tape

PP Colored Tape made from Polypropylene

Mooncake with Customised Packaging

Delicious mooncakes freshly prepared in variety of flavours with customised packaging options.
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Bee farm experience

This bee farm experience gives insight into a beekeeper's daily life and gives you more knowledge about bees.
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Batik Art Experience

Employees to engage with beneficiaries and experience Traditional Batik Art. Participants get to do up a batik painting from scratch.

Cookie Baking Workshop

Employees will learn how to bake cookies and interact with beneficiaries.

Hand Crocheted Totrtoise Keyring

Aunty Betty fell in love with craftwork and introduced crafting to her family. Together, they made these beautiful crochet plushies. Through crocheting, she feels empowered by her ability to create art for a meaningful cause.

Beaded Heart (big)

Breathe new life into your home with these beaded hearts crafted with love by our seniors and volunteers at Caregiving Welfare Association.

Customized Wine Charms with IAI Logo

Customized metal wine charms with IAI logo engraved on backside.

Customized Goodie Bag

Customized tote bag with snacks.

3 in 1 Customized Microfiber Mouse Pad

3 in 1 laptop screen cleaner/mouse pad

Foldable Umbrella

Silver Steel Ribs. Plastic Handle. Non-UV Protection Coated.

A4 Canvas Tote Bag

A simple canvas tote bag for your items.

A4 Canvas Pouch with Zipper

Excellent Detail: Use Exquisite zipper and reinforced stitching on all stress points, ensuring the bag does not fall apart when carrying heavy goods. Ultra-slim & Lightweight - Slim, portable and lightweight to take alone, or slide it into your briefcase, backpack or any other bag, perfect for business, school or travel.

210D Drawstring Bag

Sporty drawstring bag.

Smartlex Wallet Multipurpose Tool

Features: 3 screwdrivers; 6 hex head nuts & bolts; bottle, can & letter opener; phone stand; box cutter; ruler; peeler. Will never rust or bend.

Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

Material: A selection of organic rice husk plant fiber, made of natural wheat straw + starch + PP. Used for daily meal, or take out with the case for school, work lunch or travel. Perfect gift for your family or your friends. It's healthy and eco-friendly, lightweight, no heavy metal, low carbon, and degradable.

Dual Use Stainless Steel Tumbler

350 ml dual-use tumbler constructed with a stainless steel interior and PS exterior. Also come with a push-on lock top lid and matching straw for hot and cold drink.

Bubble Tea Cup Carrier

Bubble Tea Cup Carrier with no straw loop.

Notebook With Sticky Notes and Pen

40 sheets. With post-it pad and pen. Front cover features day-of-the-week. Pen with black color ink.

2Prescient 24" Auto Open Straight Umbrella

Shaft and ribs: 8k, Black Coated Steel. Handle: J-Handle. Auto open. Non-UV protection coated.

Aluminium Ball Pen with Phone Holder

Trendy design with handphone holder function. 1.0 mm black color refill.

Recycled Paper Plantable Seed Pencils – Set of 3

Purple and Pure’s Eco-Friendly Seed Pencils are a creative way to promote the importance of using recycled materials in the production of everyday items. These pencils are crafted with seeds fused into them, which makes them great for your budding green thumb. Made from recycled paper and seeds, these pencils are perfect for writing down your thoughts and ideas. How to plant your Plantable Eco Pencil? When the ink is finished, it cannot be refilled again. So after using them, bury them inside the soil in the pot at an elevation of around 45 degrees. A starch side containing seeds will go inside the soil and starch will get dissolved in water. After a few days, a new plant will come out. Plant them once you’re finished with them, and watch them grow!

Bamboo Fiber Cup

Comes with colorful silicon lid and holder.

A5 Leather Notebook

Customized A5 leather notebook with PU hard cover.

Eggless Butter Almond

Small Ziplock Bag (6pcs) Halal, Eggless, Vegetarian and Baked by Youth with Special Needs

Eggless Cornflakes

Small Ziplock Bag (6pcs) Halal, Eggless, Vegetarian and Baked by Youth with Special Needs

Eggless Cranberry

Small Ziplock Bag (6pcs) Halal, Eggless, Vegetarian and Baked by Youth with Special Needs

Eggless Butter Almond

Small Bottle (approx.13pcs) Halal, Eggless, Vegetarian and Baked By Youth with Special Needs

3-in-1 Cable with Light-Up Logo

3-in-1 clip on charger with light-up logo.

Adalrich Wood Satin Roller Ball Pen

Adalrich Wood Satin Roller Ball Pen with 1 color printed Shell logo in a white paper box.

Cotton Bag – Medium (Long Handle)

Medium Cotton Tote Bag with Long Handle.

Eco-Friendly Cork Notebook

Eco-Friendly Cork Notebook with printed Shell logo.

Bundle Set

Items for memento gifts.

B5-sized Eco Friendly Notebook with Post-it Pads and Pen

With ballpoint pen & post-it note flags and notepad (20 per color). Logo printing on cover available for 50 pcs and above

12 Oz Canvas Tote Bag

12 Oz Canvas Tote Bag in beige.

Dri-fit Round Neck Tee

1 color logo print on 4 positions (sleeves, front chest and body - front and back [waist area])

Mini Travel Adapter with USB

Every plug you'll need is built-in this all-in-one wall travel adapter. Compact and portable. Built-in safety release button and fuse assure safe operations. Spare fuse included Works in over 150 countries. Eliminate the need of bringing numerous chargers on your travels. This travel adapter charger with spin button design, 4 international plugs provides a child protection safety shutter. 1 logo print on product.

Eggless Cornflakes

Small Bottle (approx.13pcs) Halal, Eggless, Vegetarian and Baked by Youth with Special Needs

Eggless Cranberry

Small Bottle (approx.13pcs) Halal, Eggless, Vegetarian and Baked by Youth with Special Needs

Bamboo Pen

Customized bamboo pen with 1 color logo print / laser engraved logo.

Leather Lanyard and Card Holder

You need ID Cards to be with you at all times, especially at work. Easy access and great design will match your professional outfit easily.

Ceramic Trinket Trays

Two Customized Ceramic Trays Featuring Artwork Done By Young Artists.