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Natural Jute Bag

SKU: DD_03

This tote bag is made of jute and is reusable. The tote bag promotes low carbon footprint and helps in reducing plastic waste.




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MFG Partner 1005-Contributing to Responsible Living by creating one eco friendly product at a time

Let’s face it – changing habits does not come naturally to us. Too many New Year’s resolutions have been left unfulfilled to even think about them! So, when an engineer was faced with a decision to switch careers, she decided to bring about a change outside too. It was the year 2011 and Singapore had heard of the word “jute” only in the context of hessian or gunny bags that were used in “ancient” times to transport grains, coffee, and potatoes. This was how the founder was struggling to explain the origins and uses of jute to her bewildered audience in their debut Trade Show of 2011. Only this time, she had more than gunny sacks to show and tell. The beautifully crafted jute bags in vivid colours, designs, styles, and usages were a far cry from the hessian sacks that the users were familiar with. It has been a long and fruitful journey, with jute now being fashionably recognized as the sustainable fabric for bags which will replace plastic in a big way. Jute bags are now found in many brand name stores as part of their merchandise and people ask for it by name. We have made bags for many leading brands in almost all categories during this time. Banks, hospitals, hotels, F&B, retail – They have more than 100 major players in all categories amongst their client lists. Many are repeat customers, who use our services for their branded bags. In this way, they play some part in the transformation of values as far as single use plastic bags are concerned!

Material:Natural jute
Customization:This tote bag can be customised by size and in colors for any quantity above 500 pcs
This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
SDG image
SDG image

Responsible Consumption & Production:
This vendor integrates reduced waste generation
Life Below Water:
This vendor enables prevention of or reduced marine pollution
Life On Land:
This vendor integrates ecosystem and biodiversity values

Contribution to local community development:
Produced by a micro/small business contributing to local development
Created in unique methods to preserve cultural heritage and deepen communities' identity, pride, and sense of belonging
Contribution to gender equity:
Produced by a woman-owned business

This vendor conserves limited natural resources through material management actions    
This vendor promotes restoration and regeneration of land and marine ecosystems through end-of-life management actions
This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by reducing and eliminating non-eco-friendly materials

**Disclaimer: The environmental impact evaluation is based on the vendor's operational data. Data at the product level is available on demand and subject to order.

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