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Marigold Plantable Seed Notebook and Pencil Set

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The Plantable Seed Notebook and Pencil Gift Set is a unique and eco-friendly stationery ensemble that combines functionality with sustainability. This thoughtfully crafted set includes a stylish notebook and accompanying pencil, both embedded with plantable seeds. After you've filled the notebook with your thoughts and sketches, simply plant the cover or pencil stub in soil, and watch as beautiful flowers or herbs sprout, turning your used stationery into a blooming reminder of growth and renewal. This set makes for a delightful and environmentally conscious gift, perfect for those who appreciate both creativity and a greener lifestyle.




Unit Cost $13.10
Lead time 14-21 days
MOQ 100 units
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Purple & Pure
Offers sustainable, eco-friendly, plantable seed gifts that positively impact the environment. Each of our stylishly designed personal and corporate gifts are carefully sourced and made with durable and biodegradable materials to reduce single-use plastic waste. Our plantable seed gifts are created with environmental sustainability in mind and, when planted in soil, sprout beautiful flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not only are all our products environmentally conscious, but they are also ethically produced by underprivileged women in India who receive fair wages and opportunities for personal growth. Purple and Pure is committed to promoting sustainability and social responsibility while creating a healthier world for people and the planet.
So far, we have been able to :
Plantable Pen - we saved 900kg plastic usage
Plantable pencil - we saved 9-10 trees from cutting and help to recycle 360kg paper waste
Plantable Notebook- we help to recycle 960kg cotton waste

Notebook cover is printed, plantable paper embedded with Basil seeds. The pencil grows into an onion.
40 recycled pages
Size 7.75 x 5.5inches

100% Recycled paper made from seed paper (handmade from waste cotton scraps with seeds embedded)

Basil seeds
Brinjal seeds

Size: Size 7.75 x 5.5inches
Packaging: Sleeve or Bulk packaging
Customization: custom seed paper cover
Other comments: How to Plant:
Wet the seed paper with water and plant in a pot to cultivate the herbs/flowers/vegetables.
This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
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SDG image
SDG image
SDG image
SDG image
SDG image
SDG image

No Poverty
This vendor helps support geographical locations with high poverty and vulnerability rates         
This vendor provides employment and employability skills to people living below national poverty line     
This vendor provides basic needs for people living in poverty

Zero Hunger
This vendor provides access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food for poor/vulnerable communities

Quality Education
This vendor provides safe, non-violent, inclusive, and effective learning environment

Gender Equality
This vendor provides women's equal rights to economic resources

Clean Water & Sanitation
This vendor provides access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene    
This vendor provides services aimed to improve water quality

Reduced Inequalities
This vendor supports sustainable income growth to low-income populations

Sustainable Cities & Communities
This vendor provides sustainable solutions to the built environment       
This vendor provides solutions to strengthen urban and rural communities


Contribution to local community development:

  • Provided by a micro/small business contributing to local development
  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item is reinvested to support a stated social mission

Contribution to gender equity:

  • Produced by a woman-owned business

Contribution to inclusion

  • Empowering individuals with vulnerability on a community scale

Environmental Impact at the Operational Level

  • This vendor mitigates water stress through effective water management practices
  • This vendor mitigates water stress by adopting water recycling or reusing practices      
  • This vendor advances a Net Zero future through energy and GHG emissions management initiatives
  • This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by eliminating waste in its operation 
  • This vendor conserves limited natural resources through effective material management practices  
  • This vendor helps conserve limited natural resources by avoiding use of new virgin materials 
  • This vendor helps conserve limited natural resources by usingf eco-friendly materials
  • This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by elemenating the use of chemeicals.
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