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Embroidered keychains


The keychains are handsewn and tagged and onto a keychain that maybe metal based.

1 Embroidered keychains bookmark CO2 emission is estimated of 0.07kg




Unit Cost $22.00
Lead time 1-2 days
+ -
MFG Partner 1007-A micro business owned by a mama with a vision to pursue happier parenting through art

Maker Xiu is a micro business founded and owned by Stephany Tan with the purpose of raising and nurturing her children to be able to look back on this period of time and say that 'She did our best' and at the same time earn money. Maker Xiu is a member of the “Mama on Palette” community, founded with the vision to pursue happier parenting through art and help transform mothers artists into artpreneurs

Material: Metal, Wood (depends), Cloth, Thread
Size:3-3.5cm in diameter 
Packaging:In plastic sealed bag with paper backing 
Customization:Choice of design and colours 

This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
SDG image
SDG image
SDG image

Reduced Inequalities:
This vendor supports sustainable income growth to low-income populations
This vendor supports social, economic, and political inclusion
Gender Equality:
This vendor provides opportunities for women to fully and effectively participate and lead at all levels of decision-making
This vendor provides women's equal rights to economic resources
This vendor provides scientific & technology-based opportunities to promote and empower women
Decent Work & Economic Growth:
This vendor provides full and productive employment for persons from underrepresented groups

Contribution to local community development:
Produced by a micro/small business that contributes to local development
Crafted using unique methods to preserve cultural heritage and strengthen communities' identity, pride, and sense of belonging
Contribution to gender equity:
Produced by a woman-owned business

Environmental Impact at the Operational Level

This vendor mitigates water stress by avoiding water use in its operation.

This vendor advances Net Zero future by avoiding energy use in its operation.

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by internaly reusing and repurposing its waste.

This vendor helps conserve limited natural resources by using recovered materials.

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by elemenating the use of chemeicals

Environmental Impact at the Product Level

Designed from eco-friendly materials to conserve natural resources and prevent biodiversity loss.

Designed from non-hazardous materials to prevent biodiversity loss.

Packaged using recycled or recyclable materials to conserve natural resources and prevent biodiversity loss.

Designed for traceability, reusability, and durability to promote a Net Zero future, conserve natural resources, and prevent biodiversity loss.

Designed with support mechanisms to reduce end-of-life environmental impacts and prevent biodiversity loss.

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