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Beaming Rings

SKU: MA_11

Crafted by Rohingya refugees living in India. Three rings wrapped with cotton thread in a radiant ombré effect are inspired by the bangles worn by Rohingya women for festive occasions. Bound together, the graceful design represents the strength of women.

1 Beaming Rings Ornament CO2 emission is estimated of 0.28kg




Unit Cost $9.00
Lead time 1-2 days
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MFG Partner 1002-Helping Refugees achieve Economic Independence

We are a global brand created by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in collaboration with the World Fair Trade Organization and a network of strategic partners to help refugees achieve economic independence by making use of their valuable skills, traditions, and heritage as part of a sustainable value chain. We connect refugee artisans with local social enterprises to design, make and market home décor and accessories across the world. We currently collaborate with 30 social enterprises in 23 countries.

Material:Acrylic bangles, thread
Size:8.5 cm x 8.5 cm
Weight: 0.037 kg
Customization:This ornament can be customised in colors for any quantity above 1000 pcs
This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
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SDG image
SDG image
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No Poverty:
This vendor supports geographical locations with high poverty and vulnerability rates
This vendor provides employment and employability skills to people living below national poverty line
Gender Equality:
This vendor provides services to women and girls exposed to violence
This vendor provides opportunities for women to fully and effectively participate and lead at all levels of decision-making
This vendor provides women's equal rights to economic resources
Decent Work & Economic Growth:
This vendor provides full and productive employment for persons from underrepresented groups
This vendor provides full and productive employment for persons with physical disabilities, mental and intellectual disadvantaged people
Responsible Consumption & Production:
This vendor integrates sustainable management & efficient use of natural resources
Partnerships for the goals:
This vendor is part of a multinational global alliances aimed to implement and allocate resources toward sustainable development

Contribution to local community development:
Produced by a micro/small business contributing to local development 
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item is reinvested to support a stated social mission 
Created through the active involvement, engagement, and empowerment of local communities 
Crafted using unique methods to preserve cultural heritage and strengthen communities' identity, pride, and sense of belonging 
Contribution to gender equity:
Produced by a gender-balanced organization 
Produced by an organization with gender-balanced representation in top leadership positions 
Contribution to inclusion:
Enhancing the livelihood and well-being of individuals with physical disabilities
Enhancing the livelihood and well-being of individuals with mental and intellectual disabilities
Empowering individuals with a history of abuse, trauma, and violence for improved livelihood and well-being
Contribution to diversity:
Empowering migrants and individuals from diverse ethnic minorities to enhance their livelihood and foster inclusion.

Produced by an LGBTQ+ inclusive organization with a non-discriminatory culture.

Produced by an organization with an anti-age-discrimination culture.

Environmental Impact at the Operational Level

This vendor mitigates water stress by avoiding water use in its operation.

This vendor advances Net Zero future by avoiding energy use in its operation.

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by eliminating waste in its operation

This vendor helps conserve limited natural resources by using recovered materials

Environmental Impact at the Product Level

Designed from non-hazardous materials to prevent biodiversity loss.

Packaged using recycled or recyclable materials to conserve natural resources and prevent biodiversity loss.

Designed for traceability, reusability, and durability to promote a Net Zero future, conserve natural resources, and prevent biodiversity loss

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