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Produce Bags (set of 4)

Say no to single-use plastics: Set of 4 produce bags to replace the single-use plastic bags while at supermarkets or at the wet market. Roll these bags and carry them with you in your shopping bag. The bags are made from 100% cotton material. They are machine washable and can be re-used forever. The fabric used to make the bags is rescued from the textile cut-outs or export surplus at garment industries that would have otherwise reached the landfill. The bags machine washable and can be re-used forever. The bags are made by women in the low-income community in India. Your purchase will help provide an income to the women. You can buy them as a set of 4 or as individual pieces. The bags come in 4 sizes – S, M, L and XL
Buying this product is supporting the cause of Reduced Inequalities, and Responsible Consumption & Production by:
  • Buying items or services made by supported beneficiaries
  • Providing work opportunity and income
  • Utilizing reused, recycled or recyclable materials
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The Eco-Statement works towards the conservation of environment by creating awareness through talks/workshops/events & curating sustainable products.

Our aim for progress for environment sustainability is that to to create sustainable/ circular design products that are easily available, convinient to use and eco-friendly solution.

We provide compostable/biodegradable tableware that can be used for any events. They are eco-friendly alternatives to the single-use plastics and this help towards decreasing the single-use plastic waste generated during events.

We support the cottage industries in India that manufacture the compostable/biodegradable tableware thus providing the low-income group in India with a means of income & livelihood.

Tableware, cutlery & take away boxes made from Areca Leaf & bagasse (recycled waste of sugarcane). They are 100% natural with no chemicals/additives or coating thus making them compostable. Green gifts/homeware/jewellery - handmade by low-income women from old newspapers, gift wrappers, paper bags, magazines etc. Providing a means of income to the women in Sri Lanka.

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