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Bowl Covers (Set of 3)

Do you use cling wrap to cover bowls of left-over food in the fridge or cover fruits from fruit flies? Replace the single-use plastic cling wrap with the bowl covers. The bowl covers are made from 100% cotton material. They are machine washable and can be re-used forever. The fabric used to make the bowl covers is rescued from the textile cut-outs or export surplus at garment industries that would have otherwise reached the landfill. The covers are made by women in the low-income community in India. Your purchase will help provide an income to the women. The fabric design may differ from the image as it is dependent on what is the available discard stock at the garment export businesses. The covers come in a set of 3 – S, M, L S - 6 inch M - 8 inch L - 10 inch
Buying this product is supporting the cause of Responsible Consumption & Production, and Gender Equality by:
  • Providing work opportunity and income
  • Buying items or services made by supported beneficiaries
  • Utilizing reused, recycled or recyclable materials
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The Eco-Statement works towards the conservation of environment by creating awareness through talks/workshops/events & curating sustainable products.

Our aim for progress for environment sustainability is that to to create sustainable/ circular design products that are easily available, convinient to use and eco-friendly solution.

We provide compostable/biodegradable tableware that can be used for any events. They are eco-friendly alternatives to the single-use plastics and this help towards decreasing the single-use plastic waste generated during events.

We support the cottage industries in India that manufacture the compostable/biodegradable tableware thus providing the low-income group in India with a means of income & livelihood.

Tableware, cutlery & take away boxes made from Areca Leaf & bagasse (recycled waste of sugarcane). They are 100% natural with no chemicals/additives or coating thus making them compostable. Green gifts/homeware/jewellery - handmade by low-income women from old newspapers, gift wrappers, paper bags, magazines etc. Providing a means of income to the women in Sri Lanka.

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